Four legs are for amateurs

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It’s been one week since Smokey has been hoppin around on three legs. I must say she has already adapted so quickly to getting around, we nearly have to slow her down so her stitches won’t come open! At first, I was worried her left leg would be swollen from all the extra weight but it’s seemed to strengthen itself as time goes on. Her appetite never went away, she wasn’t fond of the dog food so we are feeding her boiled chicken and white rice which she’s devouring. We have to give her hydrotherapy baths for 15 minutes, multiple times a day to wash off the area and promote healing. I’m hopeful that she heals quickly because she really wants to lay on the side of the amputation which we are trying to prevent. She has a tube through the incision for draining so keeping clean towels around is a must. There is a significant amount of drainage, daily. She’s not very happy we aren’t letting her up on the bed but we’ve bought her a really nice dog bed/fuzzy blanket and are literally sleeping on the floor with her. We just want her to be comfortable and happy.

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  1. Awww Smokey, you sweetheart! You have such spunk, you’re gonna get your mojo back in no time at all. How are things now? I hope the last few days have been good to you. Keep us posted!

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