How it all started

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to write a brief blog why Smokey ended up getting her leg amputated. Back in 2019 a small tumor began to form around her left leg. It was removed and unfortunately grew back 10x the size within a few months. During the first surgery, the vet took notes saying the mass was extremely entangled in nerves and was more then positive she clipped a few while removing the tumor. This led to a loss in sensation in her leg and major swelling due to the Re growth of the new tumor. We were left with two options; one being to reach a specialist to see if they would do surgery on her and the other being her leg amputated. We looked into a specialist and they said they wouldn’t want to risk removing something so massive and entangled in veins and nerves (also the price was around $4,000). We nervously decided on the amputation which was significantly cheaper. The vet said dogs do better when getting their rear legs removed rather then the front leg but fortunately they adapt quickly. After the surgery I must say she has already gotten used to happily walking around on three paws.

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  1. Awwww I’m so glad you shared her story and I really love that she is doing so well! Do you have any photos you’d like to share? We would love to see more Smokey!

    Thanks for joining us (sorry you had to).

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